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We offer Residential and Commercial cleaning services around the Baltimore area at a competitive price.

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Our Services

Residential Cleaning

We offer premium residential services! SMV is insured so you can rest easy while we clean around the house. Click the icon to learn more!

Commercial Cleaning

First impressions are essential when it comes to earning your client's trust and, eventually, their business. Click the icon to learn more.

Pre | Post Move-In Cleaning

Whether you are moving into a place, or leaving it behind, having a clean environment to start setting up is vital. Click the icon to learn more!

Why Us?

SMV represents experience, professionalism, and satisfaction. Click the icon to learn more about us!

Residential Cleaning Services

SMV Cleaning services offers the best residential cleaning services for Baltimore homeowners!

Are you tired of cleaning your house?

We can help you!

We pride ourselves on having a professionally trained cleaning staff cleaning all of the spaces in your home. SMV Cleaning Services is a cleaning company you can trust! We will work according to your schedule and prioritize what matters most to you!


Any area where food is prepared should be as clean as possible. We sanitize all countertops and cabinets, clean the outside of your dishwasher and refrigerator, mop the floor, and vacuum nearby rugs to remove food-crumbs and debris. Additionally, we will wash the dishes, put them in their place, and clean any remaining water to prevent bacteria build-up.

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is considered by many to be the most frustrating room to clean in the house. It’s not a problem for us! We thoroughly scrub your toilet, clean and remove soap scum from the tub or shower door, clean the sink, and remove stains from your mirror. We will leave your bathroom squeaky clean!

Room Cleaning

Lay your head to rest on a professionally made bed within your freshly vacuumed and organized bedroom. We don’t just dust around objects. We make sure the whole surface is clean! Don’t worry! Everything will back in its place!

Basement Cleaning

We vacuum, mop, and clean the whole basement! If you don’t spend a lot of time there, we’ll make sure to remove any dust bunnies or cobwebs.

Trash Removal

We take out the trash and change all the garbage bags in your house. It will be one less thing to worry about!

Commercial Cleaning Services

SMV Cleaning is also proud to offer commercial cleaning services in Baltimore. We can help you express your business identity through an impeccable environment for your employees, guests, and clients.

With our Commercial Cleaning service, you can be sure that every space within your company will be 100% clean! 

General Dust &

Vacuum Cleaning

We have experience cleaning and dusting around electronics and wires! We consider static build up and make sure no electronics are harmed while we vacuum and dust. Additionally, we wash windows both inside and out. Cleaning windows help give your office a professional look and feel.
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Various Surfaces

Clean phones and keyboards are a vital part of keeping your employees healthy. We will also ensure that elevator buttons, water fountains, and other public areas are clean and sanitized.


Floor Cleaning

Whether your office is carpeted or has a hard-surfaced floor, we’ll make sure it’s clean. We vacuum carpets regularly to help extend their lives. We scrub and polish hard floors with professional floor cleaners.

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Restroom cleaning

We clean and disinfect restrooms regularly to make sure your employees and clients have a clean space. Professional cleaning products make a difference when it comes to bacteria in public spaces!


Waste Disposal

We empty the trash around the whole building, replacing bags where necessary. We will also remove trash from restrooms and other general areas of the office regularly.

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Pre | Post Move-In Cleaning

At SMV Cleaning, we know that moving is a stressful endeavor. On top of that, imagine having to worry about cleaning after yourself! Well, no need to ever think about that problem when you hire us! Our staff is trained to leave the space looking and feeling brand new for whoever moves into the location!

Our attention to detail and dedicated staff, combined with our superior customer service, will ease the transition from one location to another; 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Call us, and we will help you adapt to this space so you can start on the right foot.

Service Location - Baltimore, MD
MON-FRI 9 AM - 7PM, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 6PM

Why Us?

We have an easy cleaning program. Need to get that house clean or office clean for your next tenant? We can clean and fix everything for you so that you can showcase the potential of that space! SMV Cleaning can clean virtually any home or building, including apartments, rentals, condos, and offices.

Eco-Friendly Products!

We are proud to use cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals or toxins. We will provide you with a list of chemicals we use so that you and your family can feel safe in your clean space!

Flexible Cleaning

SMV Cleaning gives its users the flexibility to choose when they want their homes cleaned. Our flexible cleaning plans range from one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly; you decide! You can call us whenever you need cleaning services for your home or office.

Licensed and Insured

With us, you will never have to worry about leaving home. We are an insured and certified company. Our cleaning professionals will leave everything as found except the dirt! Our housekeeping and cleaning crews are trained experts and maintain the highest levels of integrity.


There are no shortcuts to gaining experience! Knowing what eco-friendly products to use on what materials is not something you learn quickly. Start-up companies tend to make costly mistakes; we don't! SMV Cleaning has been steadily growing and learning from our valued customers. Your feedback has made us the best cleaning service company in Baltimore!


You are our main priority!

Covid-19 Procedures

We are currently experiencing a pandemic. SMV Cleaning has taken preventive measures to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Due to this virus, SMV Cleaning has decided to use adequate protection so that everyone can stay safe. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) standards, we wear protective equipment like masks and gloves, cleaning our equipment before and after each job!

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